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Toddler with Toys

Play-Based Speech Therapy 

Perfect for late talkers

Play-based interventions are practices designed to improve socio-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development through guided interactive play.


During play sessions, an interventionist uses strategies including modeling, verbal redirection, reinforcement, and indirect instruction to sustain and encourage child play activities.

Play-based speech therapy is when a speech pathologist (SLP) plans speech and/or language activities around a play toy or activity. The SLP will create opportunities for the child to practice the target skill while enjoying motivating toys and activities that are relevant to the child’s interests. 


  • Children are motivated to engage and communicate when playing with materials of interest.

  • Play-based therapy helps increase attention and build better positive interactions.

  • Children learn the social skills necessary for playing with toys and make progress on speech and/or language goals in a naturalistic setting.

  • The child will make better connections with real-life events and will improve memory.

Play-Based and Routine based therapy: Service
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