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Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluations

Best for when you want to know everything about your child's communication skills. (Language, Speech, Play Skills, Social Skills, and more)

The comprehensive assessment takes into account the most common concerns for late talkers and any other communication concerns specific to the individual child. 


For late talkers who have not yet acquired verbal language, the assessment focuses on preverbal behaviors, including play, gesture, and other forms of nonverbal communication and interaction. 


Evaluation can range from 90-120 minutes depending on each case and it can be completed in person, or via teletherapy. It is a dynamic and authentic assessment that will require parental participation and preparation, particularly if it is completed via teletherapy.

Assessment typically includes:

  • relevant case history

  • hearing screening

  • oral mechanism examination including myofunctional screening and/or feeding observation

  • assessment of language skills ( receptive and expressive)

  • assessment of speech/sounds - articulation/pronunciation

  • play behavior/social skills

  • emergent literacy 


For bilingual children, appropriate assessment in all languages is necessary to differentiate between a linguistic difference and a true communication disorder.


Assessment may result in:

  • determination of a language delay

  • diagnosis of a spoken language disorder 

  • description of the characteristics and severity of the disorder or delay;

  • determination of performance variability as a function of communicative situations/contexts;

  • identification of delayed phonological development

  • identification of delayed early literacy skills

  • identification of social communication problems

  • identification of possible hearing problems

  • identification of myofunctional disorders

  • recommendation for ongoing monitoring and reassessment

  • recommendation for direct intervention and support

  • referral to other professionals as needed

  • determination that the child has a language difference and not a language disorder.

All this information and analysis will be reported in a detailed written report.

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