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Our mission is to empower children and their families through comprehensive, personalized, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

We enhance communication, oral motor function, and feeding skills in children, enabling them to reach their full potential in both their native and second languages.

We create a nurturing and compassionate environment where children overcome communication and feeding challenges.

We collaborate closely with parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers to develop individualized treatment plans that address each child's unique needs.

Recognizing the importance of inclusion, diversity, and neurodiversity, we provide culturally and linguistically sensitive services.

With expertise, compassion, and innovation, our bilingual pediatric speech-language, myofunctional, and feeding private practice empowers children to communicate confidently, eat independently, and thrive in their daily lives.


    We envision a world where every child, including those with neurodiverse abilities, has the opportunity to communicate, eat, and thrive to their fullest potential.

    Our vision extends beyond immediate needs, focusing on long-term development and success.

    We aspire to be trusted partners for families, collaborating closely with parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to develop individualized treatment plans that address each child's unique needs and goals.

    In our vision, every child with speech, language, myofunctional, and feeding challenges receives compassionate and expert care, empowering them to overcome difficulties and reach their full potential.

    Core Values

    1. Compassion: We deeply care about the well-being of each child, recognizing their unique needs and challenges.

    2. Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional care and achieving optimal outcomes.

    3. Collaboration: We believe in interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration with healthcare providers, families, and other patrons.

    4. Cultural Competence: We value diversity and recognize the importance of cultural competence in effective care.

    5. Family-Centered Care: We acknowledge the critical role of families in a child's development and well-being.

    6. Integrity and Ethics: We uphold the highest standards of professional integrity, ethics, and confidentiality.

    7. Advocacy: We advocate for the rights and needs of children with communication and feeding challenges.

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