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Exclusive Brainstorm Packages

As we continue our journey together towards improved communication and speech-language development, optimal feeding essentials, and strong myofunctional skills, we are thrilled to introduce exclusive packages at Brainstorm Speech Therapy, designed to provide you with greater value and flexibility.

We understand the importance of consistency and tailored care on the path to progress. Hence, we are offering two different packages, each catering to your unique needs:

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Colorful Rainbow Positivity Instagram Post.png

Your Path to Success Package

Opt for a fixed schedule, location, and an enthusiastic therapist for the next three months, guaranteeing a dedicated approach toward your progress. Choose between once-a-week, twice-a-week or three-times-a-week sessions and receive substantial benefits

Note: The best Frequency for you or your child will be suggested by your Speech Language Pathologist after your evaluation is completed; we commit to offering you ONLY what is best practice for your case and needs.

  • Once a Week - Consistency Counts Package

Secure 12 sessions upfront and embrace a 5% discount. By dedicating yourself and your child to regular therapy, you'll experience noticeable improvements in your speech, language feeding, or myofunctional goals.

  • Twice a Week - Unlock Your Potential Package

Invest in 24 sessions and unlock a 10% discount. Accelerate your or your child's progress and achieve remarkable results with intensive support from our expert therapists.

  • Three times a week -Brainstorm Recharged Package

Invest in 36 sessions and receive a 15% discount. Go beyond and show your commitment to progress and success. We won't lie, it will be hard and it will require lots of dedication, but we are on YOUR team, so let's do it!

Flexibility at Your Fingertips Package


A la Carte Services

We also understand that life's commitments can be unpredictable. Health issues, family vacations, and so on. We know that you want to receive services but your schedule is hectic and life happens!

For this reason, we are excited to offer a flexible option where you can let us know your availability - preferably a week in advance, and we will match you with a skilled therapist either at our office or through virtual sessions - the choice is entirely yours. 


In this way, you won't be placed on a waitlist and you are still an active client of our services.

  • Receive a fantastic 10% discount when you book 10 sessions.

  • Enjoy a convenient 5% discount for booking 5 sessions.


We understand that you might have several questions, let's see if we can answer them here.


If not, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will make sure that everything is clear for you. 

1. Why a 3-month commitment? 3 months is the time we ask all our clients to commit to therapy. In that time, we will have created a good rapport with your child, we will understand better your learning style and the support that suits you better. In 3 months we actually start to see positive changes and seeing results thanks to our detailed treatment plan. 

2. What happens if I miss a session? All the packages follow our cancelation policy.  If you need a reminder of our cancelation policy please click here .

3. Payment options: You can get any of our packages using

  • Stripe Via Simple Practice - credit/debit card

  • Personal Checks 

  • Health Savings Account

  • Flexible Savings Account

  • Unfortunately, if you are a recipient of  the Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant you won't be allowed to use your funds for these packages, but you can continue using them to pay for individual sessions

Action Strategy

1. Review your family's schedule and Speech-Language - Feeding or Myofunctional Therapy needs.
2. Select the most suitable package that aligns with your goals.
3.  Contact us (via email, text, call, or WhatsApp) to express your interest. 

4. You will have a virtual meeting with our owner to solve all your doubts and get you enrolled.

By signing up for these packages, you not only invest in your child's speech and language needs but you will also benefit from attractive discounts, saving you both time and resources.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Brainstorm Speech Therapy as your trusted partner. Together, we will continue to make strides in unlocking your child's full communication potential!

Path to success
a la carte

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